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Cost control and analysis of automobile wiring harness
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The cost of harness is mainly material cost and production cost. Using the calculation method and benchmarking method, this paper analyzes and explores the cost composition of automobile harness parts, and obtains the cost calculation method of automobile harness parts, so as to improve the accuracy of the cost analysis of automobile harness parts.

1. Calculation method

On the premise of clearly understanding the product composition and production process of the automobile harness, various cost elements can be calculated and analyzed by the calculation and analysis of the product parts and product structure in the automobile harness, as well as the calculation and analysis of the cost of each component. The current cost of automobile wiring harness includes three parts: raw material cost, manufacturing cost and other costs.

(1) Raw material cost

According to the various design requirements of the harness, the product engineer will design the harness product drawing from the perspective of material selection/trend/performance, and determine the harness material list. The material cost of each set of harnesses in this project can be obtained from the harness material list provided by the Product Design Department and the unit price of purchased parts confirmed by the Procurement Department, based on the matching proportion of the harness model provided by the sales department and the model year output forecast. The product design decision in this process will directly affect the raw material cost of the harness.

(2) Manufacturing cost

Through the analysis of the production of process products, the manufacturing process of automobile harness mainly includes the opening process, crimping process, pre-assembly process, final assembly and inspection. The cost of wire harness is closely related to the planning of process production steps, such as whether the pre-assembly work is required, whether the ultrasonic station is placed in the final assembly or pre-assembly, and where the material box is placed, all of which will directly affect the production cost of wire harness. Harness process design involves equipment input, personnel input and site planning. The whole process design revolves around a goal, that is, how to improve the production efficiency and the utilization rate of existing equipment, site and personnel as much as possible.

(3) Other expenses

Other costs mainly include management costs, various development support costs and additional transportation costs. At the beginning of a project, the raw material cost plus the manufacturing cost and multiplied by the corresponding coefficient are usually used as estimates.

Other costs=(raw material cost manufacturing cost) * coefficient

The cost of harness is calculated by summarizing the three main types of calculation costs. Compared with the benchmarking method, the result of the calculation method is relatively accurate, but it takes a long time.


2. Benchmarking method

In the product quotation stage, many parts information is still incomplete. In this case, it is necessary to determine the approximate price information of parts through benchmarking. Through benchmarking, similar base point components can be found, and the cost price of harnesses can be analyzed step by step by comparing the differences. The accuracy of the benchmarking cost price changes to a certain extent according to the details and accuracy of the information obtained by the benchmarking method, but its advantage is that the prediction speed is faster. With the development of the era of big data, the preparation of data models will greatly improve the readiness of price prediction based on further database analysis.

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