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How to meet the customer's requirements for the quality of on-board wiring harness
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How to meet customers' demandsOn-board harnessQuality requirements? Terminal wire processing products are characterized by large proportion of manual processes, long product development cycle, complex circuits, and many sub-machines. Terminal wire products have many changes from design to manufacturing, and human factors account for a large proportion. Therefore, the quality requirements and control of on-board wiring harness must be more effective. Quality is designed and manufactured, but detection means are essential. Without the implementation of the test means, the design documents will be a dead letter and the manufacturing process will be chaotic. We know that the early introduction of quality objectives is achieved by the original equipment manufacturer's input of drawings, technical agreements, quality agreements and other requirements in the early stage. However, in high-quality documents, if they are not fulfilled, they will not be broken.

How many key points must be mastered to effectively meet the quality requirements of on-board harness in actual production.

1、 Leaders attach great importance to the role of setting an example for all employees;

2、 Strengthen staff training and improve staff quality. It is possible to start with the teaching of quality thinking and form a strong quality awareness in the minds of the employees of the company. This awareness body has been promoted in the work of each employee from the beginning. This kind of consciousness is a willpower to guarantee the quality of products, work and service of enterprises spontaneously.

3、 Strengthen inspection and communication during implementation. It is important for the leaders of relevant departments to communicate with each other, then submit the results to the governance review, and modify the procedure statement in time to record and standardize the work; Then strengthen the internal audit and strictly follow the relevant division and implementation of the company. For example, if the production department of the company regards the realization of calculation as an important task, then during the implementation of this work, it is necessary to check to verify whether it has been done according to the requirements. For example, the former project team leader checks that the fulfillment ability is insufficient, and the first article has not been done, resulting in batch accidents. If the team leader does the first article according to the system requirements for each order, the supervisor will always supervise, and similar problems will be eliminated. Governance is not one-way, not one-way, but two-way. Subordinates must give feedback to leaders on their requirements. In this way, we can understand the work progress of the other party and solve problems in time. Check and communicate to effectively control our performance and improve our governance level as a closed loop of governance. In short, in order to achieve the goal of quality management, the quality requirements of on-board wiring harness must start from the management level, take the lead and actively participate, adhere to the example, vigorously organize, vigorously implement the quality control calculation, and constantly implement and improve, so that the quality management is truly implemented rather than a flash in the pan; Secondly, we should understand responsibilities, rights and interests. The rights and interests of managers at different levels should be closely related to their obligations. In the process of quality management, every part and everyone should have a deep understanding of what I should do to achieve quality standards, strengthen process monitoring and management, ensure process control, and ensure the effective operation and continuous improvement of the quality management system.

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