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Operating range of terminal harness processing
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Terminal harness processingWhat are the requirements for terminal harness during production? Today, the manufacturer of terminal harness briefly introduces to you as follows:


1. Requirements for cutting wire stripping: the cutting surface is flat and the copper wire is neat; All stripping heads (openings) shall not cut off the copper wire; The copper wire at the stripping head should not be disordered, and pay attention to the take-up operation.

2. Requirements for opening size: the basic size of opening line shall meet the design requirements; The limit deviation of the opening size changes with the basic size (L=opening size unit: mm): L<300, the deviation is 0 2; 300 ≤ L<1000, deviation 0 5; 1000 ≤ L<4000, deviation 0 10; 50> 4000, the deviation is 0 15.

3. Operation specification for auxiliary process of terminal harness processing and opening: after the heat-shrinkable tube is baked and shrunk, it shall be ensured that it does not move along the axial direction of the wire; No copper wire leakage was observed along the radial direction of the wire; For hole-type and fork-type joints, the heat-shrinkable tube will not interfere with the contour of the outer edge of the joint.

4. Terminal harness processing and crimping process operation specification: terminals should be pressed on the conductor and sealing plug respectively. There should be no damage on the sealing plug during crimping, and there should be no visible gap between the conductor and sealing plug, between the sealing plug and the sheath; If welding method is used, corrosive solder paste is not allowed. The welding point shall be smooth and free of missing welding, incomplete welding and impurities; The cross section of terminals and wires crimped by crimping method shall meet the requirements.

5. Terminal harness processing and harness process operation specification: In the light wire manufacturing, conductors with the same function are often combined. The combined methods are divided into copper strip crimping and tin welding, which should meet the following requirements: when the crimping method is used, the conductor should not break, and the contact should meet the requirements; When the soldering method is adopted, corrosive solder paste is not allowed, and the solder joint shall be smooth, without solder leakage, incomplete penetration and impurities; The contact shall be firm, and shall not be damaged or fallen off under the specified tension, and its tension value shall not be less than the specified value.

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