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Advantages and judgment methods of high-temperature silica gel connecting wire
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High-temperature silica gel connecting wireWhat are the benefits of

1. Good flame retardance

For production enterprises, productivity is improving. Many enterprises produce 24 hours a day. In this case, many problems may arise. Once the power consumption is too large, natural conditions may occur. High-temperature silica gel connecting wire with high performance avoids spontaneous combustion.

2. Strong insulation performance

This kind of material has good insulation performance. Enterprises can use this material to ensure no leakage and staff safety. You should know that if employees have problems, the enterprise will face huge compensation, so the use of this material can be avoided.

3. Stable chemical properties

Many manufacturers use high-temperature silica gel connecting wires, mainly because the chemical properties of this material are stable, and radioactive elements will not volatilize even when exposed to the sun, thus ensuring the health of all employees of the enterprise.


How to distinguish the quality of high-temperature silica gel connecting wire

1. Look at the protective layer

The outer protective layer of the wire made of high-temperature silicone connecting wire is generally made of silicone rubber material. If the sheath of the wire looks uneven and loose, the quality of the protective layer is poor.

2. Look at the shielding layer woven mesh

There are two kinds of core materials for high-temperature silica gel connecting wire: copper core and tinned copper wire. We should pay more attention to this aspect when purchasing. Generally, tin plating on conductors is more oxidation resistant than bare copper on conductors, so high-temperature silica gel connecting wires are mainly tinned and silvered.

3. Check the adhesion between core wire and insulating layer

Cut the insulation layer of the high-temperature silica gel connecting wire and pull the core wire to the cut place. If it is difficult to pull, it means that the insulation layer and the core wire have strong adhesion, and the quality of the high-temperature silica gel connecting wire is also good; On the contrary, if the core wire is easily pulled out, it means that the adhesion between the core wire and the insulating layer is poor, and the quality of the high-temperature silica gel connecting wire will also be affected.

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