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Treatment method of automobile wire harness
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When we buy car harnesses online, from the moment we receive the goods, the car harnesses will be transferred from the merchant to the user. We need to learn how to place and store car harnesses, some precautions when using car harnesses, and some maintenance methods. Next, I will share with you how to handle the car harness.

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1. Check

When we receive the car harness, we should carefully observe the outer packaging to see if there is any obvious damage, and also see if the car harness itself will be damaged, etc. We must ensure that the car harness we see is intact, so as not to affect the connecting machine we use.

2. Precautions for placement

When the car harness is not used for the time being, do not place the car harness at will, especially in a sunny place. If you forget to place the car harness due to negligence, the quality of the car harness will be damaged due to long-term sun exposure, affecting its use, and even causing safety accidents. Therefore, carefully remember the places that can be reserved in the car harness, and must not cause safety accidents due to negligence.

3. Influence of environment on automobile wiring harness

The car harness cannot be placed in a high temperature place. The continuous high temperature or high humidity will damage the car harness. Especially in the environment with chemicals, the car harness will be corroded, and the outer metal protective layer will lose its protective effect, resulting in the damage of the internal current circuit. Without the normal conductive function, it will become a waste.

4. Precautions for moving car harness

When it is necessary to move the car harness, do not panic and be careful to avoid the car harness from contacting with hard objects, causing damage to the car harness, and do not put it under heavy objects to avoid crushing the car harness.

5. Avoid contact with grease

Another enemy of automobile harness is grease objects. If you touch grease objects during storage or use, the automobile harness will lose its original effectiveness and become an obstacle to our work. The service life of automobile wire harness is closely related to the above points. Only by understanding how to maintain it during use, can the automobile wire harness provide us with the longest service life.

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