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Precautions for processing and assembling automobile wire harness
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Automotive wiring harnessProcessing and assembly is to bind various types of wires into bundles, called harnesses. Uniform binding can protect the insulation layer, and can better connect parts and save space. The materials of automobile harnesses mainly include wires, connectors, sensors and other parts. Now, the automobile wire harness processing factory will explain to you the matters and importance that need to be paid attention to when assembling the automobile wire harness:

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Matters needing attention in processing and assembling automobile wire harness

First, the selection of connectors and sheaths: generally, chassis harnesses are made of corrugated sheaths with good flame retardancy and mechanical properties, and cab harnesses are wrapped with cold and heat resistant insulating plastic tapes. Carry out assembly and production according to the working environment in the car harness.

Then segment production: In order to facilitate the subsequent assembly and maintenance, the automobile harness manufacturer generally produces in segments, connecting multiple segments of the harness together through connectors. In automotive applications, the less the number of segments of the harness is, the better. It can avoid the voltage drop caused by too many connectors, resulting in poor contact. At the same time, block production can timely find poor contact, poor insulation, assembly errors and other defective products.

Secondly, when assembling the car harness, do not pull the harness too tight (especially the transverse arrangement of the harness), so as to prevent the harness fixing points from loosening when the vehicle bumps, resulting in a sudden increase in the distance between the two fixing points, resulting in poor contact inside the harness, changes in the wire parameters, or even breaking the wire.

Finally, it is judged that the harness is in poor contact: most of the reasons are in the connector. When the fault occurs, the electrical equipment cannot work normally. You can use test tools to troubleshoot connectors by turning on the power supply of electrical equipment.

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