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Design principle of vehicle wiring harness
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automobileOn-board harnessDesign principle of

Car wiring harness is the main body of car circuit network. Without wiring harness, there is no car circuit. With the improvement of people's requirements for vehicle safety, comfort, economy and emission, there are more and more electric appliances and functions on the vehicle. Therefore, the wiring harness connecting various electrical appliances has become more and more complex, and become a common link of modern automobile failures. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the design, production and manufacture of automobiles. How to improve the comprehensive performance of vehicle wiring harness has become the focus of attention, and it is an inevitable trend to strengthen the early development efforts with the main engine factory.

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The design of vehicle wiring harness?

The function of on-board harness in the whole vehicle is to transmit or exchange the power signal or data signal of the electrical system to realize the functions and requirements of the electrical system.

The design process and manufacturing process of vehicle wiring harness?

(1) The electrical layout engineer shall provide the functions, electrical loads and relevant special requirements of the electrical system of the whole vehicle. And the status, installation position and docking form of the harness and electrical equipment.

(2) According to the electrical functions and requirements, draw the electrical schematic diagram and circuit diagram of the whole vehicle.

(3) According to the electrical schematic diagram, distribute the energy of each electrical subsystem and circuit, including the distribution of power grounding wire and grounding point.

(4) According to the distribution of electrical components of each subsystem, determine the wiring form of on-board harness, the electrical components connected by each harness and the direction on the vehicle; Determine the external protection form and through-hole protection of on-board harness; Determine the fuse or circuit breaker according to the electrical load; Recolor; According to the connector of the electrical equipment itself, determine the model of the terminal and sheath on the vehicle on-board wiring harness.

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