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Crimping process of on-board harness
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Let me explain to you todayOn-board harnessDefinition, function and precautions of processing crimping process.

Definition of on-board harness processing crimping:

Crimping is a method of connecting wires and terminals in the process of cable assembly. By applying a certain mechanical external force (that is, stripping the insulation of the wire and pressing the terminal onto the conductor to bite), the two kinds of data can be combined carefully, so as to achieve the purpose of electrical continuity or solid connection. Therefore, sophisticated crimping tools can ensure good crimping ethics. At present, there are three types of crimping tools: manual tools, semi-active crimping equipment, and fully active crimping equipment.

Processing and crimping function of on-board harness:

A good crimping terminal can reduce the resistance, reduce the oxidation of copper wire at the crimping point, and has various excellent functions, such as firmness and good conductivity. The firmness and thoughtfulness means that it will not loosen or break within a certain range after the tensile test.

Precautions for processing and crimping of on-board harness:

Whether there is any problem with the device and commissioning of the equipment directly affects the quality of terminal crimping. (For example, the mold is not loose, the terminals are not in place, there are no impurities in the mold, etc.) There are also staff gestures. Incorrect gestures will cause different kinds of defective products.


Here are some examples of various crimping gestures and poor crimping:

1. During crimping, the hand should rest on the core line of the mold and contact the center of the baffle. (Correct crimping gesture)

2. Fingers touch the lower blade, and there is a hidden danger of insurance. (Wrong crimping gesture)

3. The distance between two hands is too large and the effectiveness is too low. (Wrong crimping gesture)

4. The core wire deviates from the baffle surface and the crimping state is not firm. (Wrong crimping gesture)

5. The core baffle is on the high side and the crimping state is not firm. (Wrong crimping gesture)

6. The core wire is not close to the baffle position and the crimping state is not firm. (Wrong crimping gesture)

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