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The difference of production process between automobile wire harness and ordinary wire harness
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ForAutomotive wiring harnessFor the production personnel in the industry, they must know the difference between the production process of automobile wire harness and ordinary wire harness, but they may not know much about the people who have just come into contact with this industry. Let me show you the difference.

1、 Various raw materials

The materials required for general terminal harness are only wire, terminal, rubber shell, and sometimes there are heat-shrinkable tubes, yellow wax tubes and other raw materials, while the raw materials required for automobile harness are much more, ranging from dozens to hundreds, in addition to corrugated pipes, black tape, terminal boards, fuses and other materials. At the same time, there must be some difficulties in its processing and assembly.

The terminal parts used for automobile wire harness and ordinary wire harness are also different, so the selection of its materials is stricter than that of ordinary wire harness raw materials.

2、 Complex processing procedures

The general processing process of terminal harness includes: wire cutting, head stripping, terminal pressing, tin sticking, rubber sleeve threading and other processes. However, the complexity of the automobile harness production process can be seen from the diversity of its raw materials. After continuous processing and assembly, the harness branch becomes the vehicle harness.


3、 Strength of harness manufacturer

Manufacturers of automobile wire harness production need the cooperation of all departments in production, and can they quickly respond to the urgent needs of customers and meet their requirements. This requires testing the coordination ability and production explosive power of manufacturers.

4、 Technical personnel and R&D capability

When the automobile wiring harness is still in the proofing stage, it must be constantly adjusted and tested by the automobile wiring harness manufacturer and the automobile dealer until it meets the requirements. It needs constant communication between the engineering department and the automobile dealer, but the general terminal wiring harness is not so time-consuming and laborious.

5、 Certificate requirements

The system for manufacturing automobile harnesses can be roughly divided into two categories: European and American countries, including China: the TS16949 system is used to control the manufacturing process; Mainly in Japan: Toyota and Honda, for example, have their own systems to control the manufacturing process. There are many manufacturers of automobile harnesses, and many buyers are hard to distinguish how to choose, so TS16949 certification is a good screening method. Universal terminal harness manufacturers can only have UL certification and ISO certification.

6、 Quality control

The material requirements for automobile wire harness production are also very strict: including its electrical performance, material dispersion, temperature resistance, etc., which are higher than the requirements for general wire harness, especially those related to safety: the wire harness requirements for important components such as direction control system and brake are more strict. General terminal harness must have quality control, but compared with terminal harness, the production quality control in automobile harness is more strict.

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