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Basic requirements for on-board harness design
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On-board harnessThe design steps of can be divided into the following aspects: the original connector has a high pitch and compactness of only 3.00 mm, and can carry a rated current of up to 5.0 A. Its connector is made of high temperature LCP material. The design steps of vehicle harness can be divided into the following aspects: What are the design steps of vehicle harness?


1. High and compact. At the beginning, the pitch of some connectors was only 3.00 mm, which can carry the rated current of up to 5.0 A. Their connectors are made of high temperature LCP materials. Their technology has been tested for a long time, which can ensure long-term excellent performance and robustness. They are applied to some industries including data communication equipment and heavy industry.

2. Mobility. In addition to the design feature of high compactness, the vehicle harness needs to have high mobility in the design process. The compactness and high current density can be combined in the design. In order to meet the requirements of high voltage and high current utilization, the ultra-narrow design is adopted. Each blade can provide up to 34A current and can withstand 125 ℃ working temperature.

3. Heat dissipation. In addition, because the power supply system is an important heat dissipation function, the design of the connector has a direct impact on the smoothness of the air flow inside the power supply, but the user cannot completely rely on the connector design to solve the heat dissipation problem. In order to optimize the system design, other factors need to be considered, such as the copper content on the PCB, which may help to receive heat from the connector interface.

4. In order to meet the demand for higher power efficiency, it is possible to provide solutions with higher compactness and high current characteristics. Because higher current may increase the power or safety factor, while the high-function contact design can really achieve the hot-swap function, and the low pressure differential design ensures that the heat generated is reduced to a level.

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