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Factors to be considered in vehicle harness design
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On-board harnessAs an accessory of equipment, the role of car harness cannot be underestimated, and the appearance of car harness has greatly improved the utilization efficiency of equipment and reduced the cost of production and maintenance, especially in the maintenance. If it doesn't work, it only needs to be replaced, and the cost is also very low. However, the design of vehicle harness is very important. The first is to consider the consequences of connection when using it. The second is that the connection operation is not convenient. If the connection is too troublesome, it will increase the difficulty and cost of maintenance. When designing, we can take into account the equipment specifications, the selection of data and the process to be selected. Only in this way can the designed terminal meet the needs of the industry. First of all, please specify what preconditions should be considered in the design of the terminal block to meet. You can also refer to it. I believe it will be helpful when you choose to use it.


1、 We should consider some standards or specifications of the product. The car harness produced should meet some standards of the product. It is not acceptable to have any one specification. So when designing, we must consider what its specifications are and how to take into account all aspects of data parameters;

2、 The selection of data is also very important. Pay attention to the selection of data for different equipment and on-board wiring harness, that is to meet the needs of equipment;

3、 The structural layout of the on-board harness is also very important, which is related to the link and matching with the equipment, as well as the size and cost of the on-board harness.

4、 How to electroplate the car harness and how to use it are also important. On-board wiring harness is composed of central components and complex circuit system, which should be considered during electroplating;

5、 The manufacturing process of car harness is very important. Only if all production has a good process flow can you turn those ideas into reality. In a word, there are many preconditions for the design of the car harness, and the design is relatively complex. However, if there is only a complete production process, it is still quite simple. It is all controlled by the main idea. The practical car harness is promising. At present, it has developed rapidly in China and is widely used in various fields. It has greatly helped to realize the initiative of the industry and saved a lot of money.

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