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Functions and application fields of FFC flexible cable
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We often use a variety of electronic products, but we often do not know what materials these electronic products are made of, what are the components insideFFC flexible flat cableWhat functions will it have and in what fields?

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At present, FFC flexible flat cable is widely used for the connection between the printing head of various printers and the main board, as well as the signal transmission and board-to-board connection of plotters, scanners, copiers, audio, LCD home appliances, fax machines, various DVD players and other products. In modern electrical equipment, it is almost everywhere. Broadly speaking, almost all mechanical and electronic products need to use FFC flexible cable. For example, the computer we often use in the office needs to use a lot of FFC soft flat cables. More commonly, USB FFC soft flat cables are used to store data. Don't underestimate that it is just a small thing. All the processes need to be completed by many parties. The manufacturing of a small FFC flexible cable needs four links, including stamping, electroplating, injection molding, assembly, final molding, supply and sale. The technical personnel involved are also talents engaged in the relevant electronic industry. Typically, there are FFC flexible wiring engineers, product development engineers, abrasive engineers, automation engineers, injection molding engineers, quality engineers and other important talents. Only with mutual cooperation can we complete the production of products.

Generally speaking, the raw materials of FFC flexible cable can be divided into three categories: metal materials, plastic materials and electroplating materials. The stability and reliability of FFC flexible cable signal can maintain stable contact force and low resistance value, and can improve signal transmission. And the durability increases the overall life of the equipment. Copper has great flexibility in design and can maintain relatively good yield strength. The plastic material is mostly PC plastic, which has excellent punching resistance, excellent transparency, transparent material, excellent heat resistance, good dimensional stability, anti-virus performance, and is suitable for outdoor use.

The function of FFC flexible cable is not to transmit current and signal, but to bring great convenience to life and make life more beautiful. Therefore, we need to further explore the excellent performance and structural characteristics of FFC flexible cable.

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