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The wiring harness of the car is repaired and connected skillfully
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In today's era, cars are more and more electronic. It can be seen that the responsibility of automobile electronic wiring harness is significant. A master found that 35% of the reasons for automobile failures are caused by the circuit failures of electronic wiring harness in the long-term automobile maintenance practice, so the maintenance of automobile circuit failures is one of the main contents of automobile maintenance work. In the maintenance of the circuit,Automotive wiring harnessIt is the object of key maintenance, because many circuit faults in the automobile harness are often caused by the disconnection or aging of the electronic harness wire. For this reason, the following two methods can be used to connect the wires of the electronic harness: one is welding, and the other is flat joint connection.


The wiring harness of the car is repaired and connected skillfully

In the welding connection technology of repairing automobile wire harness, its operation is simple and fast, and it can play a good role in many kinds of line connections, and it can be achieved with only a small electric soldering iron.

Attention shall be paid to the welding of wire harness at ordinary times: the selection of welding rod is usually the rosin core solder rod in the wiring harness connection of automobile; Ensure that the welding place is clean and free of paint, butter, oil and other insulators, so as not to affect the welding quality; Preheating: first use the electric soldering iron to preheat the welding place, and preheat it for a few seconds, and then melt the welding rod at the connecting part of the wire. The so-called flat joint connection technology refers to the connection technology of electronic harness wires without changing the physical properties of wires or connectors.

During operation, attention should be paid to: reasonably select wire stripping holes to avoid damaging the metal materials inside the wire; Then put the metal material stripped of the insulator into the joint to be connected or the flat connecting pipe, and then use the wire binding tool to firmly bind it. Generally, the joint of the section is bound in two folds, and the flat connecting pipe is bound in four folds; After binding, wrap the joint with insulating tape or heat-shrinkable hose to achieve the effect of insulation and anti-oxidation; To ensure the service life of the electronic harness.

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