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What tests are required for FFC flexible cable
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FPC, also known as flexible circuit board, flexible printed circuit board, flexible circuit board, or FPC for short, is characterized by high wiring density, light weight, and thin thickness. It is mainly used in mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, digital cameras, LCMs, and many other products
FFC flexible flat cable1.5mm distance becomes an important type of epoxy copper clad plate:

Flexible copper clad laminate (FPC) with flexible function and based on epoxy resin is being used more and more widely because of its special function, and is becoming an important variety of epoxy resin based copper clad laminate. However, China started late and needs to catch up
[FFC flexible cable 1.5mm distance] Test required:
1. Thermal stress test: the purpose is to verify the heat resistance of FPC plate
2. Halita's compliance test: the intention is to verify whether the FPC board is excellent in tin eating
3. Environmental test (cold and hot shock): The purpose is to verify whether FPC panels can maintain outstanding functions after being stored in a harsh environment with rapid temperature changes
4. Electroplating adhesion test: the intention is to verify whether the coating adhesion of FPC plate is excellent
5. Environmental test (high temperature and high humidity): It is to verify whether FPC board can adhere to outstanding functions under high temperature and high humidity environment
6. Wrapping test: the intention is to verify whether the FPC sheet bending viewpoint can adhere to the outstanding function
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