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Production specification for automobile wire harness processing
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Automotive wiring harnessThe application fields of processing are relatively wide, and the production specifications are different in different application fields, including the specifications, raw materials for automobile wire harness processing and thickness. Now more and more cars are used for decoration, and the effect is more and more important. Therefore, there are some automobile wire harness processing specialized in production and application in the automobile industry. So in the automotive industry, what are the production specifications for automobile wire harness processing?


1. For the formal processing of automobile wire harness, the insulating rubber skin is made of new anti-oxidation PVC material, while the core conductor is made of oxygen-free copper, silver-plated copper or tin-plated copper by the method of blocking the air, which is carefully made by precision equipment.

2. The heat resistance and insulation of high-quality car wire harness are very good, and its core conductor is seven-strand twisted or braided, so that it can have a satisfied density to reduce the capacitance, resistance and inductance of car wire harness, so it can output a satisfied current.

3. Due to the interest temptation of automobile wire harness, there are some irregular manufacturers. Their insulating rubber is recycled PVC plastic, while the core conductor is recycled copper, or steel wire, recycled copper, copper clad aluminum, etc., some of which are mixtures of these materials. Most customers know that compared with oxygen-free copper, these conductors have much higher internal resistance and voltage drop, which is harmful to 12V automobile power supply.

4. To judge the processing quality of automobile wire harness, we should not only look at its appearance and size, but also look at the quality and thickness of the copper core inside the automobile wire harness. Because some automobile wire harnesses are processed with thick rubber, but the copper core inside is still made with thin rubber, which is not proportional to each other. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the copper core by the size of the plug section.

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