High-temperature silicone connection switch wire

Model: high-temperature silica gel connecting switch wire

Attribute: high-temperature silica gel connector
Line leader: the engineer shall design after assessment according to the application environment, and conduct production after consultation and communication

Common materials:
Silicon, rubber and high-purity (tinned copper) stranded wire

Common models:
UL3135 silicone lead wire, UL3239 ultra-soft silicone wire, etc

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Product description

High-temperature silica gel connecting wire:


Used for internal connecting wires of electronic and electrical equipment, such as motors

The rated temperature can basically reach 150 ℃~300 ℃, and the rated voltage is about 600V;
Working temperature below 180 ℃ is allowed to be used within the ambient temperature range of not less than - 60 ℃;

Scope of application:
It is applied to the internal connecting wires and instruments of household appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic equipment and other machines

1. Anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-fungus;
2. Resistance to damp and heat environment;
3. Resistance to multiple greases;
4. The flexibility of the cable is good;
5. Waterproof and pressure resistant;

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