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How to route the car harness
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Because there are more and more electronic control units in the car Automotive wiring harnessThe wiring of is getting more and more messy. Electrical schematic diagram and circuit diagram of the whole vehicle; Power distribution shall be carried out for each electrical subsystem and circuit according to the electrical principle circle; Acknowledging the wiring mode of car harness; Manufacturing 2D harness diagram and 3D harness layout; These harness planning steps need to be carefully considered.

1. The harness between two relative moving parts is necessary to be fixed on each component, and the connection length of the harness should be more than 25mm larger than the maximum replacement interval of the two parts.

2. All wire harnesses arranged near moving parts shall have at least 50mm clearance requirement. Under the public service condition of the device with the largest wire harness, the space between the wire harness of the device on the transmission system and the parts not installed on the transmission system is at least 19 mm. Under the public service condition of the device with the largest wire harness, under other operating conditions, this space is to ensure the entire scale of the movement of the moving parts/assemblies.

3. The minimum space between the car harness and the adjacent parts unrelated to the harness is 6 mm, unless the harness is now fixed on this part, or there may be a shelter between the harness and the nearby moving parts.

4. It is necessary for the automobile harness branches to be relaxed (more than 25mm under the minimum length of the harness), so that they do not need to add loads to the connected sensors or other components.

5. In order to prevent the grounding lug from damaging any harness on the backbone, the minimum clearance from the grounding lug on the backbone to the backbone should be maintained at 25 mm during loading.

The function of automobile wiring harness in the whole vehicle is to transmit or exchange the power signal or data signal of the electrical system to complete the functions and requirements of the electrical system. If the car harness is not well planned and the functions of all parts cannot be organically combined, it may make the harness become a frequent link of car faults.

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