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Protection method of automobile wire harness
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Corrugated pipe, PVC pipe, industrial plastic cloth, woven cloth, sponge and electrical tape are generally used for the protection of wires in the car harness, and the binding belt and binding belt are used for fixation. It is mainly used for fixing, wear-resisting, flame-retardant, insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-interference, noise reduction, and beautification of the vehicle harness.

Protection method I: bellows

Bellows are similar in appearance, but there are many kinds of materials. There are polypropylene (PP), nylon (PA), polypropylene modified (PPMOD), etc. Its main characteristics are good wear resistance and high temperature resistance. Even the common bellows can withstand high temperature up to 100 ℃, but its flame retardance is excellent. The bellows itself has good flexibility and bending resistance. Bellows are common in engine rooms and front and rear protective structures.

Protection method II: PVC pipe

PVC pipe is made of soft PVC, and its function is similar to that of corrugated pipe. Its main characteristics are good flexibility and bending resistance. However, the wear resistance is general, and the temperature resistance can generally reach 80 ℃. PVC pipes are mainly used for the four doors and the cab, and are mostly used for wiring harness separation.


Protection method III: industrial plastic cloth

The industrial plastic cloth is made of PVC, with the appearance of a black mesh protective sheet, which is wound on the wire bundle after curling. Its main characteristics are good flexibility and easy bending. Where the main harness needs to be bent, or where the thicker harness branches can be seen, the industrial plastic cloth has poor wear resistance, which is rarely seen.

Protection method 4: sponge

Sponge is also known as sponge tape. Its function and use method are similar to that of tape. Its main feature is good noise reduction and damping performance. It is mostly used in places where noise reduction and damping are required, such as doors and cabs, and can remove the abnormal noise of wire harness.

Protection method 5: adhesive tape

Tape is the most basic and commonly used protective material. The harness of the whole vehicle needs to be fixed with tape. The tape has good corrosion resistance, oil resistance and insulation characteristics. According to the different protection levels of the harness, the tape winding methods are divided into full winding, partial winding and flower winding. There are many kinds of tape, such as PVC tape, high-temperature resistant PVC tape, cloth tape, flannelette tape, etc. PVC is mainly wear-resistant and flame retardant, with poor noise reduction performance and low price. The cloth base tape has high resistance to high temperature and abrasion. The flannelette tape has outstanding noise reduction performance and can remove abnormal noise.

Protection method 6: support guard

The harness support guard has poor versatility. The support guard designed for different vehicles is different. The early research and development cost of this support guard is very high. It needs to design abrasive tools for production. Most manufacturers do not widely use this protection method in order to control the overall cost of vehicles.

Through the introduction of this article, we have a further understanding of the protection methods of on-board wiring harness. The protection method is closely related to the use environment and cost of the harness. In terms of the protection level and cost, the bellows has the highest protection level and cost; The second is PVC pipe, tape, etc. The cost of flannelette and cloth base tape in the tape is higher than that of PVC.

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