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Reasons for damage of on-board harness
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1、 On-board harnessWhen replacing conductors, conductors (thin and flexible conductors) are not used according to the division. The stable expiration of high power leads to a large amount of loss and burning, which makes the conductor skin gradually brittle and damaged;

2. The equipment battery is careless, the positive and negative polarity are connected reversely, the short circuit fault of the interchangeable generator set, the damage of various insulating rubber pads and insulating layer sleeves, and the reverse connection of the magnetic field wire and grounding wire of the interchangeable generator set will cause the harness to burn;

3. On-board wiring harness is often fixed with a thin white iron pickup, its edge is as sharp as a wound, and the white iron pickup is named as the non-insulating layer method, which makes the vehicle vibrate and stable during long-term driving. The switch power supply wiring harness will inevitably be worn, cut and grounded, resulting in the harness burning;

4. When connecting the electrical equipment provided by the on-board harness, the fuse current inlet and outlet are not clear, that is, the power plug is pulled out at will, or the fuse of the same specification and model is not replaced as required after the fuse is burned, or the fuse is replaced with thick copper wire, which causes the harness to burn out due to the loss of maintenance effect;

5. The two connecting columns of the galvanometer are often covered with plastic insulation layer, which has poor heat dissipation. It is not only necessary to bear the amount of current, but also to bear stability and vibration. If the wiring of the galvanometer is loose or the contact is poor, it will cause the temperature to warm up, cause the plastic to melt and ground, and cause the harness to burn;

6. The connection of the connecting post is not firmly connected, resulting in great loss and burning. Over time, the insulating rubber pad will be damaged, and the grounding will be short-circuited. Pay attention to the connection between the ammeter and the connecting post at the back of other instrument panels. In addition, the wire connecting screw fixed on the window frame patch panel should not be too long to prevent the tower iron from burning the harness.

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